Applying Mineral Foundation

Applying Mineral Foundation Powder:

Momma foundation

Where do I start: Tap a small amount of powder into lid of container and swirl your flat top brush into it, tap the bottom of the handle with the with the brush head facing upward, to loosen powder that may have settled into brush.

Begin with a clean dry moisturised skin. Starting from your forehead using a circular motion, travel your brush down one side of the face. This ensures proper blending of pigments and pores will appear refined. Continue to the other side of the face and down your neck and chest area if desired. Always apply the minerals in a thin layer sweeping over the face and neck. Keep adding layer until the desired depth of coverage is to your liking, although two layers of mineral foundation are usually sufficient.

For blemishes, there is no need for a separate concealer, simply apply a small amount to the problem area and blend well. Problem with open pores, if you notice your pores are visible initially on brush application, use your brush in a downward motion to minimize them.

For best application for a dry, flaky skin, your loose mineral foundation, can be blended with a facial cream to create a cream foundation or concealer as required (simply tap a small amount of powder into palm of your hand, add a pea sized amount of your moisturisers, blend the two together until a smooth, creamy consistency is achieved). Then using your clean fingers apply to your skin with downward strokes to minimize appears of your pores.

Choosing the right foundation: The best way to test for the right colour, to suit your skin tone is to apply the mineral foundation along your jaw line in natural daylight. The colour should disappear if it blends perfectly with your skin tone. Our mineral foundation will not run, crease, smear and is waterproof. There is no special cleanser to remove your mineral makeup, just a good quality facial cleanser of your choose.

Momma blushBlush: Loose mineral blushes are very concentrated, applied sparingly. The simplest way to apply is with a blush brush, tap a small amount of powder in the lid of jar, swirl brush into it, gently tap brush to remove excess powder, then gently glide colour over the apple of the cheek and blend.

Brow Powder 3 in 1 for brows, eyeliner and eye shadow: To colour eye brow use an angle brush with a small amount of powder to shape and colour the brows. To create an eye liner, lightly wet angle brush and then dip into powder which you have tap on to lid of jar, make into a creamy paste with powder and wet brush on back of your hand. Then trace a thin line around your lashes, staying as close to the lash as possible. Once dried, your eyeliner can be left or smudged for a softer, more dramatic affect. For eye shadow pick up small amount on your eye shadow brush and blend into eye area to the desired depth of colour required.

Teen Makeup Before and After

Teen Makeup Before and After2


Kerrie Attwood

I contacted Josie for some help in applying makeup as I have never been overly confident in doing it, hence very rarely wearing any. I hate the caked on look, & prefer something light & more natural. Josie demonstrated with the Momma products (which I purchased) & I couldn’t be happier. Josie was very pleasant, & was only to happy to answer any questions I had. Although I still don’t wear makeup very often, I do feel more confident applying it. I would recommend both Josie & the Momma range to anyone. Thanks Josie 🙂

Adriana Roberts

Adriana Roberts

“Josie, you are my saviour. Thank you for your amazing work and making my day. After my hairdresser & MUA cancelled my appointment this morning you stepped in and worked your magic. ABSOLUTELY Love it. I feel a million dollars xx”

Karyn Shalagin

I am wearing mineral makeup recommended by Josie. It is wonderful! Full coverage without the heavy make up. My skin not only looks great, but it feels sensational! I love it!! And it lasts forever!!


I don’t wear a lot of makeup but this MOMMA ranges leaves me wanting to wear it everyday because it feels so light on my face I don’t know it’s there. The mascara is amazing I can rub my eyes without worrying about the dreaded panda eyes, it doesn’t move all day. I love how affordable this makeup range is for something so eco friendly & natural. Thanks MOMMA you leave my skin feeling great!

Tricia Colson

This Momma makeup is awesome. I wear it everyday & I don’t even know it’s on. I’m not a girly girl & don’t wear makeup often but ladies this is fantastic.

Virginia Miller

Liking my eyeliner and for the eyebrows, nice clean line that you can smudge and not muck up thru the day! thanks Josie

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