Colour & Styling

 Styling You to look Fabulous everyday!

Josie’s Beauty now offers personal styling (in the comfort of your own home) as part of our fabulous range of beauty services. Together, we’ll discover the perfect style for you and your body shape. We’ll help you get the most out of your wardrobe with a few simple fashion tips on how to match the right garments, and how to shop smart.

You’ll be glowing with confidence when we unveil your personal colour guide, brightening your skin tone bringing your complexion to life! Best of all Josie’s Beauty & Styling will capture this in your own personalized & purse-sized booklet of styling secrets, so you’ll look fabulous every time you walk out the door.

Ladies, this is permission to indulge in you! Call Josie for your Personal Styling Session today….You deserve it!

Do you know which body shape you are? I’m a classic Hourglass!

Colour & Styling  $370.00

  • Customised style & colour guide to help you shop and dress with ease (purse size).
  • Personalized colour palette to suit your skin tone.
  • Styles to suit your body shape.
  • Make-up colours to suit your skin tone.
  • List of ideal garments to boast your body shape.


Cool Colours                      Warm Colours

Colour Consultant $200.00

  • Are you a cool or a warm?
  • Lets find out which one you are to appear fresher & younger.
  • Which colours suit both cool’s and warm’s
  • Correct make-up colours to suit your skin tone.
  • Find your POP! colour to make you shine with confidence.
  • We’ll develop a personalized colour guide for you
  • So you can quickly choose fabrics and make-up that suit and illuminate your skin tone.

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