Autumn is here….

Our last day of summer and it rains all day great for my garden.

As we move into Autumn and the cooler weather it time to think about what will I wear?

What do I need to update my wardrobe for the cooler months?

What are the latest colours?

The latest fashion trends have taken on a vintage look from the forties & fifties. I had the opportunity to go ans see Henry Roth’s latest bridal collection again the theme vintage 1950 lots of lace and very elegant styles.

Reminding me very much of the gown my mother wore as a bride and bridesmaid in the 1950.

Colours of the season go from rich Amber’s to all shades of red through to chocolate browns.

Do you love red…can you wear tomato red or is a deep blue based more your colour?

Red is the colour of love

Red clothing gets you noticed

Red is an emotionally intense colour, said to stimulate a faster heartbeat & breathing



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