Colour Session with Josie


I recently attended a Polaris Centre Networking Business Women’s function and one of the guest speakers was Josie from Josie’s Beauty & Styling.
I was impressed with her ease in making the women in this group feel comfortable with her demonstrations of colour and style within an economical budget.

An opportunity presented itself for me to ask Josie to undertake a colour and styling consultation for me.
Josie immediately made me feel at easy, listening, analyzing all facets of my likes and dislikes, wardrobe colours and what I felt comfortable in my style of clothes. There was lots of humor and I enjoyed being told that each person is unique an we dress to our body-shape, flattering colour combinations and adjustment of current fashion trends.

I felt completely comfortable with her and on her return with my colour portfolio I could hardly wait to mix and match. Plus I am now more selective in purchasing my garments to the colour chart and have ceased ‘impulse’ buying, much to the delight of my credit card.

Now what I purchase I actually wear and it blends with my wardrobe. Josie is a true gem and I am very  very happy to refer her to women at any opportunity.

Carmen Walker-Galpin October 2013

warm & Cool