January 2014

new year 2014




The New Year is here and I hope all of you had a wonderful New Years Eve and celebrated the New Year in. We had a wonderful time with friends from interstate here to share our holiday time. Its been a wonderful break and fantastic to catch up with all our family and friends over this time.


As we move into the New Year remember to look after yourself, to keep you happy & healthy through this coming year.


Let me share with you Josie’s Beauty secrets for a balanced life. 


One: Drink 8 glasses of water every day for fabulous skin;

Two: Rest, and spoil yourself now and then with a good book, hot bath or a massage;

Three: Quiet time to be peaceful and reflect is good for your soul;

Four: For gorgeous skin, always cleanse & moisturise every morning & night;

Five: For beautiful make-up like a work of art, always “prepare the canvas” (your face);

Six: Exfoliate and moisturise your body to promote soft irresistible skin;

Seven: For beautiful soft hands and feet, apply hand cream before going to bed;

Eight: Pedicure every six to eight weeks for gorgeous toes & feet;

Nine: Exercise to continually circulate oxygen and blood around your body – a must for healthy mind, body and soul;

Ten: Catch up with girl friends regularly, this does wonders for your soul…you deserve it;

Eleven: Set a goal to spend quality time making memories with your loved ones as you never know what tomorrow will bring;

Twelve: Laugh lots… it’s good for you!