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Are you a cool or a warm?


Do you know whether you are a cool or warm?

The colour of the season orange is this in  your colour palette…

Which would suit you better a deep orange or a lighter shade.

Can you wear orange near your face or do you need to keep it below your waist. If orange does not suit your skin tone but you love it, just wear it below your waist or add the colour in with a belt, shoes or handbag.

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Body Shape: Oval

Your shape is oval, full chest, stomach and full upper thighs with thinner legs.

Style Solution: it’s about creating the interest at your neckline with fantastic accessories which draw the eye’s upwards adn away from your mid section. Also add height with a great pair of heels to show off those fabulous legs.

Discover your Perfect Style for your Body shape with Josie’s Style You…