Josie’s Favourite Products

These are a few of my favourite products that I use and recommend. I’m always searching for new products to try out and them recommend to my clients.

Organic Coconut Mascara (I just love this Mascara)

Dr. Pratt’s Organics ‘Black Coconut’ Mascara. is made with Certified Golden Jojoba and Coconut Oils, Beeswax, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera.

The gorgeous Coconut Oil can be smelt as soon as you open the lid so you know its full of goodness that 99% of mascara’s are not. Why shouldn’t we look after our eyelashes considering it is one of the first makeup products we reach for in the morning. Also, all the money we spend on all of the other hair on our body and this is one of the most sensitive areas i.e. around our eyes. Eyelashes need nourishment just like skin and the hair on your head.

The two main reasons for eyelash loss are:

  1. Mascara itself-  ones that clump and are hard to get off. Once a clump of lashes come out it can take years before they grow back. Also there are many synthetic ingredients that give you allergic reactions at the hair follicle itself and you may not even realize it, well until they are gone! Dr. Pratt’s mascara will glide on and off easily with out clumping. The beeswax will help with water proofing, and the Aloe Vera and Vitamin E will give the hair and the follicles loads of nourishing goodness preventing hair loss.
  2. Aging- yes this is something we cannot avoid!  As we age the hair all over our body becomes thinner, finer and will not grow back as thick or as quick. So preventing eyelash loss is a really important reason to use a mascara that is made from organic materials that are gentle on your eyelashes and your eyes.


Dr Pratts Mascara

Dr Pratts Black Coconut Mascara


ECO TAN ORGANIC WINTER SKIN 500ML this product is beautiful on your skin and smells divine and all through winter my skin glowed


A Daily nourisher that that builds to a honey tan after a few applications .
Contains gorgeous rose-flower and hydrates the skin without any hidden nasties. Nourishes both face and body.


 Colores Mineral Foundation, this is the best mineral foundation I have come across just love it and been using it since 2005.

Our mineral foundations offer the best coverage without feeling heavy. Suited to any skin type, they will calm and heal blemished skin. They can also be worn after cosmetic procedures.

The minerals in our foundation adhere to the skin, creating a mirror like film which reflects light and will give your skin a fresh and luminous glow right through your day and into the evening.

Our foundations are easy to apply to your skin. They will provide excellent sun protection and can be worn everyday and even while your exercising or swimming. They will last throughout your day and require fewer touchups.

Available in 21 shades, ranging from the palest of fair skins to the deepest dark skins, each individual shade has their own undertone so no matter what your depth of skin, you will find a shade that best suits your skintone.

Colores Mineral foundation