Mineral Makeup why?

Will Mineral Makeup be beneficial to my skin?

What I have seen over the years with clients is that their skin improves with no more break outs and their skin looks calmer and clearer.

Women that usually change to mineral makeup firstly don’t like the feel of traditional makeup on their skin that heavy feeling, that by the end of the day I just want to get my makeup off feeling. Offer women going through hormonal changes and experiencing hot flushes & sweating will go over to mineral makeup as it will stay on all day over traditional makeup. Many traditional makeups contain irritant such as bismuth oxychloride when you heat up the skin starts to itch and you just want to get your makeup off, you don’t have this problem with good quality mineral makeup.

Women with sensitive skin or skin problems benefit greatly by changing over to mineral makeup as it doesn’t inflame the skin. Mineral makeup actually calms the skin down reducing redness this is due to the zinc oxide in mineral makeup.

So I find it suitable for all skin types.