Spring is Here!

Spring colour 2014

Spring is Here!

Spring is  here, we notice the days are getting longer and slightly warmer and we are having more days of sun shine. I love being able to sit in the sun shine for a coffee or lunch.

Now is the time to relook at our wardrobes to see what will look fantastic for this spring and what we need to add to bring our wardrobe up to date.

In checking out the new season styles and colours there is so many to choose from, but the must have is at least one item in one of the new beautiful pastel shades my will be the a Knitted Top in soft pink with a scarf to match in blues, pinks and white.

Do you know what colour suit you and bring out the best in your making you look young, health and radiant?

Discover your POP COLOUR!

Colour and whether your a Cool/Warm book a colour consultation with me this fun afternoon either on your own or with a girlfriend.

Call to find out more on 0413 528 532 http://josiesbeauty.com/styling-you-2/