The News from Josie

OMG! Where did January go!

Christmas time Josie’s Beauty with those clients going off to all the season functions and all the December Brides plus all the regular clients with their treatments and pamper sessions.

Over January I managed to have three weeks off which was a first in  seventeen years, still work three day in the middle of the holiday with delivering Pamper Packages one for a bride, another for a birthday girl and last one for a new mother…..these where a joy to do.

So now we are right back into to the thick of things, Pamper party’s are really taking off. Women just love to come together for a champagne and a little bit of pampering. I’m off to do one mid week with 10 women, mini manicures and mini pedicures they will just love it.

Styling a client is one of the most rewarding work (well it not really work it’s just great fun). A beautiful client had her colours, body shape & style personality package and loved every minute of it. Loved being able to see what colours suited her skin tone and what styles suited her body shape.

She just loved the follow up with receiving her written report which included, colour to suit skin tone, fashion to suit body shape, plus her makeup style guide. She had already been off shopping and purchased items in her style and colour range. For me it just a great pleasure to see a client glow with confidence.

Fashion Styling